Sadie Hawkins XXL: The Breaks Feature

Me and Jayson, Executive Editor at XXL Magazine

Check out my feature on!!! They do a section on the website dedicated to featuring upcoming artist, their music, videos, etc. I visited the XXL Magazine offices during my promo run in New York last April. I met the staff and they were all cool ass hell. It was exciting for me as a new artist see where and how it all goes down for XXL.  Check out the feature on the XXL Magazine website HERE or just scroll down and read it here for the lazy folks lol

The Break Presents: Sadie Hawkins

The 25-year-old femcee out of South Carolina may have the model look but when she steps the mic she’s more like a pit bull

Standout: “Nobody’s Perfect”

Also Check Out: “Vouch For That (Remix)”

And:“Cocky” ft. Yo Gotti

Name: Sadie Hawkins

Age: 25

Reppin’: Columbia, South Carolina

I’ve Been Rapping Since: November 2010

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Eve. Eve is beautiful and known as the pit-bull in a skirt and I would say Sadie Hawkins is similar. I have a model look and model physique BUT when I open my mouth I spit hard lyrics and I talk my sh*t (lol).

My standout records and/or moments have been: Cocky ft. Yo Gotti. This record was my first single on my sophomore mixtape Girl Interrupted with my very first big name feature. Girl Interrupted showed a lot of progress for me as an artist that I’m definitely proud of, so when I
finished recording “Cocky” I felt like this was it and it gave me the validity that I can do this.

I’m gonna change the game by: Remaining true to myself and to my fans. I create music that everybody can relate to! I’m young and I like to have fun but I can touch on serious issues as well because of the things I’ve been through in my life.

I’d Like to Work With: Missy Elliott, Eve, Drake, Nas, Kanye West. I could go on forever but I’ll stop at five.

My goal in hip-hop is: Be the voice of the people. I create all types of music for all types of people; hood, dance, strip club, inspirational, motivational, love, etc. I want to be able to make people
feel me with every track I do. I want to show people from the projects, college students, or single mothers that nothing in life is impossible if you set your mind to it and go for it! I did and if I can do it, you can too.

I’m gonna be the next: Super star

To check out more of my music go to:, Twitter: @SadieHawkinsSC, YouTube