Being a female emcee holds high expectations that many females fall short.  Sadly, only a few survive but the challenge to succeed is possible for the focused and determined.  SADIE HAWKINS is one of the focused and is determined to revolutionize the music game. At an early age, she caught the entertainment bug by being a standout in her hometown of Columbia, South Carolina with various activities such as modeling, club promotion and starting a DVD magazine.  “I’ve always had a love for the entertainment industry. The first group I started was when I was in elementary school with the creation of a female group from my neighborhood.”  she states.  Since stepping into the hip hop arena, Hawkins aims to bring more to the table than your average female rapper.  She credits hip hop legends Slick Rick and MC Lyte as major inspirations to create quality music and giving people music they will love and relate to.  Her 2010 debut mixtape, “Who the F$%k is Sadie Hawkins”  received accolades by the prestigious South Carolina Music Awards for Best New Artist and co-signs by trendsetters in South Carolina, and entertainment industry insiders.

Her new mix tape, “Girl Interrupted”  hosted by DJ Scream is scheduled to release on April 3rd with guest appearances from R&B legend Big Bub, Stuey Rock, Ca$h Out, BJ Cash and Yo Gotti.

“This project has been so much fun to do.  You can definitely hear the progression from my first mixtape till now.  Me and my team (which consists of Don Donda and Sixx Man) have a great synergy that people will feel throughout “Girl Interrupted.”   There are also some bonus freestyles on “Girl Interrupted” that fans and hip hop lovers will enjoy!

Hawkins intends to empower her female listeners, which is in part why she chose the stage name Sadie Hawkins, “Traditionally [whether it’s business or a relationship], it’s the man who does everything and has the authority and power.  I want my audience to claim that power for themselves and say, I have the same authority, I have that same power, I am the boss!”  she boldly states.

Hawkins is truly convicted with empowering people and continues to voice those heartfelt words each day to her community and beyond because of a personal incident she experienced in 2008 in which her brother was murdered.  “My little brother Jeremiah Simmons was murdered at the age of 20 by a young man that was 18.  Because of one very wrong decision, my brother is gone forever,” She somberly states. “Non-violence and gang violence hits close to home for me which is why I go hard with pushing my message.”

Another person who serves as an inspirational individual is the legendary singer Otis Redding. “I aspire to have a career similar to his in the aspect that I want to become an African American entertainer who tops the charts and breaks barriers in the music industry based off merit, and nothing else.” Hawkins adds. From the sound of things, she is well on her way.


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  1. I just moved down to SC from NY and to keep it real…a lot of rappers down here are wack as fuq but I am really feelin you. You actually got lyrics ND a message. I am so damn tired of Bands make her dance type bull shit that belong strictly in da strip club… so thankk you for representing and givin me hope that music down here gonna get better.

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