Ms. Money Sneak Peek!!! Behind the Scene Pics

This video is EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Saturday ‘ll be holding a release party in my hometown where they will get a first look at it! Well I understand not all my fans and supporters will make it or live in SC so I’m releasing some behind the scene pics. I really had a good time shooting the video and I went through hell trying to get it done lol. I must say that I’m definitely satisfied with the outcome! I hope everybody enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed shooting it. We had a BALL! Here are the pics so enjoy!

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Sadie Hawkins XXL: The Breaks Feature

Me and Jayson, Executive Editor at XXL Magazine

Check out my feature on!!! They do a section on the website dedicated to featuring upcoming artist, their music, videos, etc. I visited the XXL Magazine offices during my promo run in New York last April. I met the staff and they were all cool ass hell. It was exciting for me as a new artist see where and how it all goes down for XXL.  Check out the feature on the XXL Magazine website HERE or just scroll down and read it here for the lazy folks lol

The Break Presents: Sadie Hawkins

The 25-year-old femcee out of South Carolina may have the model look but when she steps the mic she’s more like a pit bull

Standout: “Nobody’s Perfect”

Also Check Out: “Vouch For That (Remix)”

And:“Cocky” ft. Yo Gotti

Name: Sadie Hawkins

Age: 25

Reppin’: Columbia, South Carolina

I’ve Been Rapping Since: November 2010

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Eve. Eve is beautiful and known as the pit-bull in a skirt and I would say Sadie Hawkins is similar. I have a model look and model physique BUT when I open my mouth I spit hard lyrics and I talk my sh*t (lol).

My standout records and/or moments have been: Cocky ft. Yo Gotti. This record was my first single on my sophomore mixtape Girl Interrupted with my very first big name feature. Girl Interrupted showed a lot of progress for me as an artist that I’m definitely proud of, so when I
finished recording “Cocky” I felt like this was it and it gave me the validity that I can do this.

I’m gonna change the game by: Remaining true to myself and to my fans. I create music that everybody can relate to! I’m young and I like to have fun but I can touch on serious issues as well because of the things I’ve been through in my life.

I’d Like to Work With: Missy Elliott, Eve, Drake, Nas, Kanye West. I could go on forever but I’ll stop at five.

My goal in hip-hop is: Be the voice of the people. I create all types of music for all types of people; hood, dance, strip club, inspirational, motivational, love, etc. I want to be able to make people
feel me with every track I do. I want to show people from the projects, college students, or single mothers that nothing in life is impossible if you set your mind to it and go for it! I did and if I can do it, you can too.

I’m gonna be the next: Super star

To check out more of my music go to:, Twitter: @SadieHawkinsSC, YouTube

Sadie Hawkins on MTV RapFix Live with Memphis Bleek and Benzino

Check out my MTV RapFix Live “Get In The Game” feature! I was on the show via skype with Memphis Bleek and Benzino. They are both vets in the game and they gave words of encouragement. They gave me great constructive criticism about working on perfecting my flow, being unique and original, etc. I really appreciate the words of encouragement and the support form the MTV crew! The statement that I hang onto the most is when Memphis Bleek told me to find my own voice and be original. As a artist those 2 things are most important, at least to me! Check out the video here ===>>> MTV RAPFIX LIVE

Sadie Hawkins Microphone Checka Video!!!

Check out my new video Microphone Checka with a COCKY ending! Shout out to everybody in the video DJ Louivee, Brandy, Stephanie, Thickie Monroe, Alex, Six Man (his crew lost lol), Dondada, Ashley, Will, Davon, Ife and Shae Winston Films! Check it out…….



 For Immediate Release:

July 12, 2012

Celebrating the female legends of hip hop like MC Lyte, Salt & Pepa, Queen Latifah, Missy, Lil Kim and others is very important in the male dominant genre.  On her latest mix tape, “Girl Interrupted” hosted by DJ Scream, newcomer SADIE HAWKINS dedicates her latest track and video, “Microphone Checka” to the ladies! “I wanted to pay homage and respect to those who came before me and paved the way because some day I want a young upcoming female or male rapper to mention me as their inspiration and pay me respect.”  Says Hawkins.  The Columbia SC native acknowledges the road to success as a new artist isn’t easy, “ I really respect and admire any and every female in the game past & present because this game isn’t easy and to be able to get in it, stay in it, & be successful is difficult ESPECIALLY for females.”  She continues to list some of her favorite female MC’s, “The females that made an impact for me are MC Lyte, Missy, Eve, Salt & Pepper, Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, & Nicki Minaj that I really admire. All of them bring a different element and flavor to the game that can definitely be respected.”

In her new video, “Microphone Checka” directed by Shae Winston, the Six Man produced track was inspired by one of her all time favorite songs, “Mona Lisa” by Slick Rick.  “ I wanted to do an old school themed track for my “Girl Interrupted” mix tape to put in the mix. We did the track with the Mona Lisa sample and it came out really dope! I really wanted to show my lyrical ability and that I can rumble in the game with the best of them.  As you watch the video you will rewind in time by its vintage feel. “My style is funky, diva, rock, vintage, glam so the video was a piece of cake to do. I wanted the feel of the video to be 80′s to capture that era. Break dancing was a huge part of the 80s so that’s what I made my story line about, young adults looking for fun, dancing and having a good time with friends.”

SADIE HAWKINS is currently working on her upcoming debut album scheduled for this fall.  She is currently touring this summer and continuing to promote the “Girl Interrupted” mixtape available via

To schedule an interview or receive more information about SADIE HAWKINS, please contact Kelly Jackson at or 917-549-8059 and go to  @sadiehawkinssc @overdeliverent

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VIDEO……..Sadie Hawkins Syllabus Magazine Interview!!!

I absolutely love this interview I did a few weeks ago with Syllabus Magazine! Syllabus Magazine came all the way from Charleston to come rock with me bearing fruits and gifts for me, they definitely know how to make a artist feel special. I addressed various issues and answered questions that a lot of people would love to hear me answer. I really had a great time ;-) Shout out to Syllabus Magazine and catch me on the front cover of their summer issue soon! Follow them on twitter @SyllabusMag

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VIDEO…..Sadie Hawkins Performs in NC on Yo Gotti’s ROAD TO RICHES TOUR!!!!

I recently had the opportunity to open up for Yo Gotti on his Road to Riches Tour in NC, TX, and LA. This was my first time really going on the road and it was a fun, learning experience for me. Yeah I’ve traveled and performed in SC, NC, & GA before, this time was an eye opener. To get love from people who don’t know you and have them to rock with you and your music is validation that you are doing something right! As an artist, I don’t care who you are, you need that validation because it make you want to do more and create more music for those who love and support you. I enjoyed my time in all of the cities we visited. It actually made me critique myself and grow as an artist. Shout out to my managers who made it happen for me and also to Yo Gotti for giving me the opportunity, trust you won’t regret it bruh! Shout out to my homie G-Money who was on stage with me! Peep the footage.

My performance in Wilmington NC


My performance in Greensboro NC



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Originally posted on Sadie Hawkins:

Check out the footage of my recent trip to New York! I had a chance to stop by The Sway in the Morning Show on Shade 45 for a interview! Me and Sway talked about everything from how I started, When we 1st met at the My Music is Me Conference in Columbia, Female rappers, and EVEN my THUMPER!!! LOL I definitely had a great time with Sway and his crew! I also did a freestyle at the end! Check out the footage!

Me and Sway

Watch PART 1

Watch PART 2

Watch PART 3

Watch PART 4

View original

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New Single!!!!! Sadie Hawkins ft. Ca$h Out “Ms. Money” produced by Six Man Beats

I’m throwing 20′s and 50′s who tryna ball like me, Make it rain up in the club poppin rubber bands like me” GO AWF MISS THICKIE MONROE!!! I love this song! It’s the perfect strip club song with that bounce but you can still hear it on the radio on the way to the club. Ok I’m a boss bish, yeah I know the term is overly used BUT in my case it’s true. I’ve been on my own since 17 yrs old. I started working at the age of 14 to support myself. I graduated high school a year early and I’m currently in college (my music has taken a life of it’s own but now I’m back on track with school ;-)) I joined the Air Force and got THEE f*ck on through. I’m a single mother taking care of my beautiful daughter. My car and everything I have to my name, I’ve gotten on my own. I don’t take no sh*t and I go for any and everything I want in life….A GO-GETTER! Sadie Hawkins…..Definition of a BOSS B*TCH!!! Ok now that is out the way lol, check out my new single “MS. MONEY” ft. Ca$h Out produced by @SixManBeats. Shout out to Ca$h Out, he’s definitely making moves right now! This is for my female bosses getting to the $$$$$ DJ Dyce you a fool for this one!!!

P.S Shout out to my make -up artist/stylist @ThickieMonroe for providing the vocals on the track and my homie @MetaphorKing for doing the graphic art work for my single cover! Follow them! ;-)

Behind the scenes pics for my MICROPHONE CHECKA video!

Check out the behind the scenes pictures for my 80′s themed Microphone Checka video dropping soon! Microphone Checka is one of my personal favorite songs on “Girl Interrupted”! My producer @SixManBeats sampled one of my favorite old school hip hop songs “Mona Lisa” by Slick Rick. Microphone Checka is my song where I’m paying homage to some of the greats that came before me. I get a lil gully & gritty as I call it, on the track. Check out the pics here. Shout Out to everybody that was apart of the video! Dondada, Thickie Monroe, Sixman, DJ Louivee, Will, Alex, Stephanie, Ashley, Brandy, Davon, & Ife!

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